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Inov8 Ultrapac Pro 2in1

Can be used as a 5L running hydration vest. Detachable 7L compartment turns it into a 12L pack. Includes 2x 500ml soft flasksInov.

Run any distance with the ULTRAPAC PRO 2IN1. This hugely versatile pack offers you the best of both worlds – a 5L racing vest for shorter runs or races, or a 12L pack for longer runs or ultras.

Featuring an innovative detachable 7L compartment, the ULTRAPAC PRO 2IN1 can be transformed quickly and easily to offer extra storage when you need to carry more kit. With multiple pockets and compartments to choose from, it’s easy to access gear and nutrition while on the go.

The pack benefits from zoned areas of stretch that let it mould and stretch with your body as your run and breathe. When wearing, it feels more like a perfectly fitting extra layer rather than a pack – the ultimate in bounce-free comfort.

The ULTRAPAC PRO 2IN1 comes with 2 x 500ml soft flasks, which have detachable 10 inch tubes. The flasks can be carried in the pack’s side holster pockets, or in its higher up chest pockets.

There are also two choices for storing running poles. The front or back attachment systems both offer secure, zero-bounce options that are quick and easy to attach or remove your poles from.

Every main material in the ULTRAPAC PRO 2IN1 contains recycled content. Two of the three shells of the pack contain 100% recycled material, with the third containing 85%.

Offering the storage versatility for any distance, the ULTRAPAC PRO 2IN1 can race short or long – it’s up to you!



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