Salomon Ultra Glide

Out the box it’s clear that these shoes are aimed at people who like a little extra cushion. Really well cushioned, not too aggressively lugged. It looks like it will suit our harder trails and road sections to perfection.

I have always been a fan of Salomon trail shoes. I have a pretty narrow foot so they usually fit like glove and the Ultra Glide was no exception. It wrapped my foot really well and the comfort was instant. Rik wasn’t quite so happy with the fit as he has a couple of spuds on sticks that favor a wider shoe.

Hitting the trails I almost forgot to think about the review as I just didn’t notice them. I didn’t notice I wasn’t wearing a road shoe on the road sections, I didn’t notice them being to firm or too soft. At 260g I didn’t notice any extra weight. I didn’t notice I was wearing a brand new pair of shoes. What I did notice was that I really enjoyed the run and will no doubt be heading back to the trails with these on my feet again soon. Instant hit for me and if you have got on with the Salomon foot shape in the past these are well worth a try on the treadmill at the least.

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