About us

For the love of running

We run for a very simple reason, we enjoy it and hope our love of running can rub off on as many people as possible. Perhaps we can show a few people how to avoid runners knee and avoid some of the mistakes we have made. Maybe we can even keep one or two extra people in it for the long haul after a bucket list marathon. If that happens we will consider this crazy journey a success.

Our Team
Rik only entered the running world 6 years ago as a total novice, inspired by those he saw running past him on the Round Island Walk. Since then running has become his all-consuming passion and he is now a self-confessed running nerd. Although Rik is most often seen wearing a groove on the trails around Jersey, he loves to compete on any surface and every distance from 5k through to ultra. Rik is now a Level 3 qualified Personal Trainer and UESCA certified ultra-running coach. Rik’s goal is to not only help all runners realise their goals but to learn the value of loving the process and be able to run healthy for the rest of their live
Back in 2010, Nick decided to tick a marathon off the bucket list and never looked back. After a few marathons and ultras, he slowly became focused on Triathlon and has competed twice in the Island Games and completed several Iron distance races. In 2019 Nick qualified as an Ironman certified coach and continues to work with Triathlon Performance Solutions. He has since qualified as a Personal Trainer, running technique coach and rediscovered a love of the trails.
Louise has worked as a PT for over 10 years, helping people of all ages and abilities improve their health and achieve their fitness goals. An active member of the Jersey Tri Club she enjoys participating in events on and off island or getting involved behind the scenes. Although not as fast as the rest of the RnR crew (and a fraction older!) Louise has recently focused her own training on 70.3 triathlon and becoming a qualified run technique coach. She also loves a good cup of tea and a natter!