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Jersey’s hub for everyone who loves to run





The best clothing from the best technical brands around


A shoe to suit every foot, every gait and every goal


Our super-friendly team are on hand to advise and help you train.

At Rock n Road we want to use our many years of experience and qualifications to help you run your best – whatever your goals.
Run Groups
We’re all about getting out there and running and we’ve got a variety of groups in place to help you do just that.
Biomechanical Analysis
We will look at the entire kinetic chain from head to toe then offer simple cues and strategies to point you towards a more efficient running style.
Training Plans
At Rock n Road we have experienced coaches with the expertise to help you train for any event – as long as running is involved!
Run Coaching
We’ve all got our own reasons for getting into running and we’ve all got different needs and aspirations.
Strength & Conditioning
Including strength and conditioning in a running plan, is not only key for injury prevention, long-term health and longevity, but also for overall performance.


Heading out for a run with friends? Pop in for a coffee beforehand

Our location is a perfect place to drop in and hook up with other runners – even when you don’t want to talk about running. ‘We serve great coffee, delicious healthy snacks and we are vegan (and everyone else!) friendly.

Run Club

Join our community. Reach your goals and meet new people!

Whatever your goals or pace, the focus is always on getting out there and getting a little better each day. So why not join our run club and meet some new people and see where your run journey will take you.