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Trail Shoes

Trail shoes offer greater foot protection so your feet can survive the adventure. If you are going to hit the trails make sure your footwear is up to the task.

These shoes tend to come with sturdier uppers, toe bumpers to avoid gammy toes when you kick a rock and deeper lugs so your bum doesn’t get muddy when you slip.

At a glance:

BrandModelTerrainStack (mm)Drop (mm)CushioningTypeWeight m/w(g)Price (£)
AltraTimp 4Trail/Hybrid290ModerateNeutral308/262120
AltraTimp 5Trail290MaxNeutral277/243118.13
AltraOlympus 5Trail330MaxNeutral331/295135
AltraLone Peak 7Trail250ModerateNeutral314/261118
AltraMont BlancTrail300MaxNeutral272/238144.38
CraftNordlite UltraRoad to trail40/346MaxNeutral265/230135.62
CraftEndurance TrailTrail36/279MaxNeutral335/283126.87
CraftCTM Ultra TrailTrail35/2510MaxNeutral340/300135.63
HOKASpeedgoat 5Trail38/34 (M) 33/29 (W)4MaxNeutral291/234122.5
HOKASpeedgoat 5 GTXTrail/Hike32/28 (M) 30/264MaxNeutral327/322140
Inov8Trailfly G280Trail22/148ModerateNeutral280/264145
Inov8Trailfly (Wide)Trail29/236ModerateNeutral280113.75
Inov8Trailfly G270 V2Trail12/120MinNeutral270131.25
SalomonUltra Glide 2Trail32/266MaxNeutral278/240122.5
SalomonSense Ride 5Trail29/218ModerateNeutral293/253113.75

Altra Timp 5

We love a Timp! Loads of cushioning means a really easy transition to zero drop. Fantastic toe box and the updated Timp 5 now comes with a more durable Vibram outsole. Boom!

Altra Olympus 5:

Too much for some but if you like it burly with a bit more support it may just be the shoe for you. Also makes a fantastic summer hiking shoe.

Altra Lone Peak 7:

The epitome of the Altra brand with more loyal followers than Bruce Springsteen. Low, natural and the ultimate in comfort.

Altra Mont Blanc:

The Rolls Royce of the Altra trail range. A bit race focused than the Timp 5 with a bit of a nimble feel. Still well stacked with a Vibram outsole.

Craft Nordlite Ultra:

Designed with long distance multi terrain racing in mind. Rockered and bouncy.

Craft Endurance Trail:

Not yet tested.

Craft CTM Ultra Trail:

Nice solid, technical feeling shoe with a versitile tread pattern. A Goldilocks shoe?

Hoka Speedgoat 5 and 5 GTX:

Uber popular trail shoe with ample cushioning. RnR bestseller. GTX option for those who want to keep the old tootsies dry.

Inov8 Trailfly G280:

With a nitrogen infused midsole this is a shoe with great bounce while remaining nice and low and nimble. Feels almost like a road shoe but with a fantastically grippy Graphene outsole.

Inov8 Trailfly (Wide):

Ushering a new era for Inov8 in the Trailfly. This really needs to go on the foot to be truly appreciated. Great toe box shape, just the right amount of cushion and a fantastic upper for loads of different foot shapes. Comfortable and technical.

Inov8 Trailfly G270:

Award winning Inov8. Zero drop with fairly low stack isn’t for everyone but if they work for you you won’t look back. Nimble, works well on multiple terrains and built to last.

Salomon Ultra Glide 2:

Super comfortable and great for the firmer trails. Runs out of grip a bit when it gets too soggy but that’s not usually a problem on local trails.

Salomon Sense ride 5:

Stalwart or the Salomon range. Snug fitting but wide feet sometime struggle.

Salomon Genesis:

Unusual and fairly unique in that its a trial shoe with pronation control. An epiphany for some that feels great right out the box.

Salomon Thundercross:

Another great shoe from Solomon. Nice level of cushioning while remaining technical. Slightly wider toe box than found on other Salomon shoes is a welcome change. Decent lug depth gives sure footed grip.