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Run Coaching

We all have our own reasons for getting into running and we’ve all got different needs and and circumstances. This is where run coaching comes in.

Whether you have a clear goal, such as running your first 5km, completing an ultra or you simply want to maximise your enjoyment of the sport, run coaching can really help. Remember, coaching isn’t just for professional runners. If you run, you are a runner.

Coach Rik will ensure that you have a fully personalised and adaptable training plan tailored both to your unique goals and which fits around your life. With a coach you also have constant feedback and communication which is essential for driving training in the right direction and making it sustainable for the long run. Having a local presence means that Rik is availble in person any time you want to chat about your plan or have any questions.

Rik has helped runners of all abilities achieve great things over the last few years but really likes to focus on developing long term relationships with runners and helping them in making running a consistent and enjoyable aspect of their life for the long-term.

Rik has been coaching since 2021 and is a UESCA certified Ultrarunning Coach and UKA Level 2 Coach in Running Fitness. Rik has been running himself for over 10 years and competes in both road and trail events both locally and internationally in races from 5k through to multi-day ultras.

If you’re interested in coaching, or would like to find out more, please reach out either by email at, visit his Instagram or Facebook accounts or drop by the stop.


Our super-friendly team are on hand to advise and help you train.

At Rock n Road we want to use our many years of experience and qualifications to help you run your best – whatever your goals.
Run Groups
We’re all about getting out there and running and we’ve got a variety of groups in place to help you do just that.
Biomechanical Analysis
We will look at the entire kinetic chain from head to toe then offer simple cues and strategies to point you towards a more efficient running style.