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Biomechanical Analysis

When people think of gait analysis, they often think of a slow-motion video of the feet which leads to a quick diagnosis of which shoe type you should be running in. Unfortunately, for every study which suggests there is a link between pronation control and injury prevention, there is another that finds that pronation control does not significantly reduce injury risk. There are however some movement patterns that can lead to increased injury risk and inefficiency.

We believe that running is a skill and more efficient movement patterns that lead to less forces being absorbed by the body can be taught and practiced. We will look at the entire kinetic chain from head to toe then offer simple cues and strategies to point you towards a more efficient running style.

The sessions usually take between 60 and 90 minutes and cost £100. This includes a follow-up email containing everything which was spoken about during the session for you to use and implement at your leisure.


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