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Run Groups

This is where the rubber meets the road, or trail. Running is the best and running with pals is even better, so we host a variety of group runs to help you do just that.

The main aim of our runs is to be as inclusive as possible and cater to runners of all ability and experience levels, ensuring that you get what you want to out of these sessions. As such, we provide a range of group runs across different terrains, distances and intensities. Most groups have a lead and tail runner.

Thursday 18:00 – A 60 minute, coached interval session, which starts at the Freedom Tree. This group is designed to build speed, stamina and strength and is suitable for every ability of runner. £5 per session / £Free for RNRR run club members (first ‘trial’ session is free)

Saturday 08:00 – A group trail run of up to 90mins on an out and back route. These start from various locations around the island and always finish with the option of a post-run coffee and chat at a local cafe. £Free

Sunday 09:00 – A no drop road run of up to 90mins at various locations around the island. There will always be a dedicated tail run/walker on these runs so no one will be left behind regardless of your pace or experience level. Post-run coffee and cake strongly encouraged. £Free

Sunday 10:00 – A no drop 30 min road run at various locations around the island. Similar format to the 90 minute road group – but with a lie in!. Our friendly lead runner and tail walkers will make you feel welcome and that no one gets left behind.

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Our super-friendly team are on hand to advise and help you train.

At Rock n Road we want to use our many years of experience and qualifications to help you run your best – whatever your goals.
Biomechanical Analysis
We will look at the entire kinetic chain from head to toe then offer simple cues and strategies to point you towards a more efficient running style.
Run Coaching
We’ve all got our own reasons for getting into running and we’ve all got different needs and aspirations.