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Neutral Daily Mileage Shoes

The following shoes are all designed to soak up everyday miles in comfort. The foams of shoes in this section are generally designed to give a nice plush cushion to absorb impact.

These shoes are great for people just beginning their running journey or for those looking for a long run or recovery run shoe

It’s worth noting that some people will prefer a more responsive shoe even for daily miles. Shoes that offer a bit more bounce can be in our Fast Dailys and Great All Rounders section.

Alternatively, if you want a more supportive shoe look in our Pronation Control and More Supportive Shoes section.

At a glance:

BrandModelTerrainStack (mm)Drop (mm)CushioningTypeWeight m/w(g)Price (£)
AdidasSupernova RiseRoad33/249MaxNeutral277/234113.75
AltraVia OlympusRoad330MaxNeutral312/255125
AltraFWD ExperienceRoad32/28 (M) 30/26 (W)4ModerateNeutral240/201113.75
AltraTorin 7Road300ModerateNeutral280/230113.75
HOKAClifton 9Road32/27 (M) 29/24 (W)5MaxNeutral248/205118
HOKABondi 8Road33/29 (M) 31/27 (W)4MaxNeutral307/252131.25
New BalanceFresh Foam 1080 v13Road38/326MaxNeutral262/206140
New BalanceFuelCell Propel v4Road34/286ModerateNeutral302/272105
SalomonAero GlideRoad37/2710MaxNeutral254/218130
SalomonAero Glide v2Road37/2710MaxNeutral270/230140

 Adidas Supernova Rise:

Classic neutral shoe with just the right amount of cushion and nice support from the torsion system. Plusher than the adios range.  Higher stack at 9mm.

Altra Fwd Experience:

Fantastic introduction to Altra. All the benefits of the foot shaped toe box but with a 4mm drop so make for an easier transition.

 Altra Torin 7:

A more natural feeling shoe but with more than enough cushion. Fantastic toe box. Zero drop. Possibly a great choise if you have knee, hip or lower back issues. Maybe one to avoid if you Achilles or Calf issues. Consider Topo or the FWD experience if you love the toe box but don’t want zero drop.

Altra Via Olympus:

Loads of underfoot protection in heavily rockered shoe. A bit marmite but gets some great feedback from people who like this style.

Hoka Clifton 9:

Neutral but fairly stable. Super popular shoe. A nice balance between well cushioned but not too much. Fairly stiff with a nice rocker to save the feet.

Hoka Bondi 8:

Classic Hoka. Loads of cushion, super wide and stable platform, great rocker. I bit much for some, just enough for others.

New balance 1080:

Neutral. Super plush foam with a soft feel. Nice soft and comfortable upper. A proper cushy shoe. A great choise if you want a bit more cushion and a luxurious feel.

Salomon Aero Glide and Aero Glide 2

Highly cushioned and stable daily trainers. 10mm drop may suit people who need or prefer the extra heel height. The v2 gets a slightly softer upper but both built around the same sole.