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Pronation Control And More Supportive Shoes

Not everyone who pronates requires a supportive shoe. But if you find them more comfortable or you feel they help with your niggles and injuries then they certainly have their place. See below for the run down on the Rock n Road selection.

At a glance:

BrandModelTerrainStack (mm)Drop (mm)CushioningTypeWeight m/w(g)Price (£)
AdidasSupernova SolutionRoad36/2610 (9mm Women)MaxStability292/240113.75
AltraParadigm 7Road300ModerateStability293/232135.63
HOKAArahi 7Road37/33 (M) 34/29 (W)5MaxStability282/228118
SalomonDRX BlissRoad34/268MaxStability267/222133.35
New BalanceVongo v6Roaad35.5/29.56MaxStability303/243132.5

Hoka Arahi 7:

Super comfy mild to moderate support. Well cushioned. Really popular support shoe. What’s not to love.

Altra Paradigm 7:

Allowing your toes to provide support naturally, this is one of our favorite support shoes. Zero drop so may not suit everyone but the guide rails do a great job of controlling the foot.

Salomon DRX Bliss:

Feels a bit more like a traditional support shoe but a more modern structure providing guidance through the gait rather than pronation control through solid heel counters and Arch support.

New Balance Vongo:

Not yet tested.

Adidas Supernova Solution:

Not yet tested.