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OTE Duo Bar

For: BEFORE & DURING exercise

We would label this as our ‘Performance Bar’. This bar has been developed based on the World Tour cycling teams’ frequent use of ‘rice cakes’ during racing. We wanted to take this concept and develop a great tasting rice based bar that delivers everything needed to help perform at the highest level. They have also recently been reformulated to be GLUTEN FREE.

The Duo Bar is split into two pieces, each piece delivering 20g of carbohydrates. This helps you calculate just how much food you are taking on board. Its high carbohydrate content means this bar is perfect for BEFORE or DURING training, supplying you with the energy needed to keep exercising at a higher intensity for around 45-60 minutes. The Duo Bars can be used as an alternative or along side our Energy Gels and Energy Drinks.

The Duo Bars are low in fat, supply you with 7g of protein and are easy to consume whilst exercising.