Running in the Heat

You’ve probably noticed that it’s fairly warm at the moment. It can be safe to run in these conditions, (in fact, if you’re training for a hot race then it’s advisable to practice heat acclimation), but please do take the following precautions when heading out:

💧Hydrate early and often. Weigh yourself before and after to estimate sweat rate

❄️Stay on top of your electrolyes. Average Sodium loses are 1000mg per litre of sweat so ensure your electrolyte source contains adequate quantities of Sodium. The whiter and crustier you are post-run, the more electroltyes you need.

💨Avoid and/or shorten harder, more intense workouts

🐢Slow down and reduce intensity/pace

👙Wear less clothing which is light in colour and lightweight

💦Slap on some sunscreen of a decent SPF

🧢Protect your noggin with a cool-looking cap or hat

📍 Download WhatThreeWords app & tell people where you’re going

⏰ Patience – heat acclimation can take 8-14 days so just chill & don’t push it

Remember, your perceived exertion, effort and heart rate will all be higher in the heat so accept your paces will be slower. Start out with shorter runs and if in doubt, run early morning/late evening to avoid peak temps. Any questions, drop by the shop and we’ll sort you out with advice and/or gear & hydration solutions.

See you sweaty messes out there! 😎

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