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Rock n Road Runners Thursday Intervals: Speed Endurance Pyramid


Hospice to Hospice Half Marathon

The Hospice Half Marathon begins at the Hospice Fundraising Shop in St Ouens and finishes in the car park of Jersey Hospice car park on Mont Cochon in St Helier. […]

Running Injuries

Chances are you or someone you know has picked up an injury at some point in the running journey. New research by Jungmalm et al (2021) suggests that up to […]

Quick Guide to Running and Hiking Jackets

With so many Jackets in in stock it can be a tough choice. Here is a quick guide to help decide which is right for you. Waterproofs Waterproofs are intended […]

Festival of the Mile

We’d like to thank everyone for making the inaugural Festival of the Mile such a massive success and raising some coin for Mind Jersey. We had so much fun organising, […]

Running in the Heat

You’ve probably noticed that it’s fairly warm at the moment. It can be safe to run in these conditions, (in fact, if you’re training for a hot race then it’s […]