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Rock n Road Runners Thursday Intervals: Lactate Threshold alternations



Choosing the Right Running Shoe

With all the different types of shoes on the market how do you separate the marketing from the facts and decide which is best for you? The first thing to […]

Introduction to Trail Running

This morning we had our third ‘Intro to Trail Running’ session in and around the Sand Dunes. Attendance has grown each time, which is awesome to see, but I am […]

Hospice to Hospice Half Marathon

The Hospice Half Marathon begins at the Hospice Fundraising Shop in St Ouens and finishes in the car park of Jersey Hospice car park on Mont Cochon in St Helier. […]

Running Injuries

Chances are you or someone you know has picked up an injury at some point in the running journey. New research by Jungmalm et al (2021) suggests that up to […]