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Rock n Road Runners Thursday Intervals: Classic Over Unders (For Ryan’s Birthday)


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Rock n Road Runners Thursday Intervals: Classic Over Unders (For Ryan’s Birthday)

May 16 at 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


This is a 60 minute group run focused on building strength, stamina, power and speed through interval-based training.

This session is lead by fully-qualified run coaches Dan & Rik and entails a thorough warm up consisting of easy running, mobilisation work, dynamic stretching, drills and strides. This warm up also focuses on improving various aspects of run technique, biomechanics and efficiency. Not will interval training improve your performance at all distances but it’s a really fun and social way to train. Anyone and everyone can benefit from interval-training regardless of experience level or goals.

The main set is usually interval-based, meaning that there is some faster-paced running for a set time or distance, interspersed with recovery which is either easy jogging, walking or standing. The aim of each interval session is to improve a certain aspect of our physiology, such as our pace at Lactate Threshold, Vo2 Max or increase our Running Economy and Neuromuscular Efficiency.

These sessions are also individualised for each attendee as we regularly carry out 3k and 5k time trials (or use a recent race result) to ascertain pace zones for different running intensities. This allows you to run at the right effort and avoid overexerting and overtraining.

The first session is free and all subsequent sessions are £5, unless you are a member of the Rock n Road Runners run club. If you would like to join the club click here or email for more info.



– Warm Up: Easy jogging, mobilisations, drills

– Strides

– Main Set: Classic Over-Under Intervals

2-3 sets of 5 x (30s Hard / 2 mins Comofortably Hard)

1 min static recovery between sets

Hard effort is around 3k/5k pace

Comfortably hard is around 10k-Half Marathon pace

Aim is to produce Lactate working above Lactate Threshold (around Vo2max) then learn to clear this lactate working at a moderate, sub-Lactate Threshold effort

Improving our ability to shuttle and utilise lactate will allow us to run faster for longer

– Cooldown


Vo2 Intensity Guide

RPE: 9-10
Effort: Hard
Breathing: Short and rapid
Talk test: Single words
Heart Rate: Z4 (90-95% MHR)
Pace: 3k – 5k


Tempo Run Intensity Guide:

RPE: 7-8
Effort: Comfortably hard
Breathing: Deep and labored (faster than SSR)
Talk test: 5 – 7 word sentence
Heart Rate: Z3 (80-90% MHR)
Pace: Between HMP & 10 mile pace (60min pace)


May 16
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Rock N Road Runners