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Quick Guide to Running and Hiking Jackets

With so many Jackets in in stock it can be a tough choice. Here is a quick guide to help decide which is right for you.


Waterproofs are intended to keep you drier for longer but not all are built the same. They are most commonly rated as 10,000 hydrostatic head (HH) or 20,000 HH.

A waterproof rated at 10,000HH is a great choice for running. With taped seams they are rated high enough for most compulsory kit lists while staying as light as possible with small pack sizes. Water will start to seep in a little during very heavy rain or after extended periods in wet weather.

If you are intending to head out in serious weather for extended periods you probably want to opt for something rated at 20,000HH. With the latest materials you can find super light and packable 20,000 HH jackets with great breathability for running. They also double up well for less serious hiking.

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For heading our further into the countryside, something a bit heavier, more durable to cope with extend use with a pack or gauze bush action is going to be the answer. They also come with more feature such as pockets and pit zips to aid breathablity.

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These tend to be water resistant and are the most breathable and lightest jackets. Easy to put in a pocket and will keep the worst of the weather off.

They are a great choise for local running when you are not sure if you need a jacket or not and a bit of bad weather will cause discomfort rather than any real risk.

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Insulation Jackets are primarily to keep you warm. Some are more water resistant than others and will cope with being worn as an outer shell while others are designed to be worn with a shell over the top.

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